Monsildale to Linville – Adventure riding at it’s finest

JoshJB posted this amazing ride north of Brisbane, Queensland. It highlights Louisavale road, a farming trail that connects Monsildale to Linville. It seems to contains a number of creek crossing that may gains some depth upon large amounts of rain, and some overgrown grassy roads.

He tackles this route with a Yamaha Ténéré 700. The beast of a bike weighs 205kg and puts out 72 horsepower. If you’re a rider that’s traveling around on a mid-sized adventure bike, this trail is for you. Whilst bigger bikes (BMW 1200GS) can take on this challenge, the fact that you’re crossing multiple creeks that have rocky bottoms, you might end up drowning it when approached with less confidence. If the conditions are very dry, give it a crack on any adventure bike.


Since this has been JoshJB’s second attempt at this crossing due to the high water levels, it may be advised to check on prior weather conditions. If you’re a confident rider that doesn’t mind daring to cross deep creek crossings, then there’s no concerns. Riders like myself, who do solo rides or are more cautions should check on prior rainfalls before going ahead.

Difficulty: Moderate

The trail looks to be nice and flowing with some overgrown grass sections that make the trail a little hidden. If it was not for the creek crossings I would say this could be easy in difficulty.


From observing the video and research, I’ve created a route that should be the same as JoshJB’s. As an estimate, I would set around 2 hours to complete this ride.

Louisavale road
More Details

You can download the route to a GPX, KML or GeoJSON file by clicking on details

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