The Best Cheap Soft Motorcycle Panniers – must buy!

I take these bags with me on every journey

The Wild Heart Waterproof panniers are a bargain purchase. I’ve bought them back in September last year and use it often on my rides. It has a combined total of 50L which is more than enough capacity for your adventure rides. I try to pack light and carry only essentials if I can. I haven’t tried doing a multi-night camping trip, but I can’t see why I couldn’t with what I can carry with these.

These bags carried my tent, tarp, sleeping bag, tools, etc
I take these bags with me on every journey

The material is strong and can withstand my many drops and conditions I’ve put them through. The stitching of the strips have held up and haven’t noticed any tearing or loosening. Then length of the straps are quite long and can easily fit around the girthy KLR. Since these bags are rack-less, I would be a little careful with what you put into the bag that rests near the exhaust. There isn’t any heat resistance and have found some things to get a little hot. I’ve also burned a little hole because I didn’t tighten the straps correctly which caused the bag to rest a little section directly onto the exhaust.

This bag isn’t one that’s going to last you for years. It will wear, but considering its cost of AU$171 or USD$115, I think that’s an easy buy. Giant Loop or ADVWORX panniers cost AUD$700 or more, they may last longer and have better components but the difference it’s going to prevent you from going on adventures, and that’s what’s most important.

These panniers are so handy, I sometimes even pick up groceries with it.

The Good

  • 50L capacity
  • Cheap!
  • Waterproof and I’ve tested it in muddy water and rain
  • Decent strap length
  • Strong clips

The Bad

  • Rests agains bike fairings, may cause wear to faring
  • Not heat resistance to exhaust heat
  • Depending on the bike, the bag may touch the exhaust muffler and burn a hole

I highly recommend this pannier, if it’s your first one, get it! If it’s something to have as backup or to not damage your expensive ones, get it!

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