Massive Day Trip Adventure – Duck creek road & Geiger Road

YouTube channel Another Guy On A Bike takes us viewers on a must-do adventure ride around the lower south-east section of Queensland, Australia. I’ve tried to tackle some of these tracks with my KLR-650 but did not get very far, but I took the challenge.

He shows us 2 popular roads that adventure riders like to part-take – Duck creek road and Geiger road. These are fun and exciting roads that tend to get tougher as times go by as they are no longer maintained. Every time a 4WD comes along after a period of rain is going to worsen the conditions but make things more exciting for the ones that like a challenge.

My attempts

These roads are a lot of fun, I haven’t gone all the way through Duck creek road and Geiger road but I would like to give it another go.

Went with my partner to view Tiny’s lookout
Parking my bike on Duck Creek Road
Cannon Creek Road’s beautiful views


The route has a lot of road sections, but also has a decent amount of dirt as well. Sections like duck creek road and geiger road will be the most challenging parts, and geiger road can be avoided if wanted. Roads leading to Tiny’s lookout and cannon creek road are sections not to be missed and can be enjoyed by any level of rider.

Difficulty: Moderate

Geiger road
Duck creek road


Thankfully Another Guy On A Bike put up an image of the route he took and I managed to copy it, so it’s ready for download.

Day trip Canungra to Koreelah
More Details

You can download the route to a GPX, KML or GeoJSON file by clicking on details

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