Kenilworth to Linville – a must do adventure ride

The addictively obnoxious adventure rider Wayne Dowsent and his mates go on an exciting ride from Kenilworth to Linville. He post many exciting adventure rides like this one on his journeys around Australia posted on YouTube. His rides always spark me to find them and encourages me to get off my lazy arse and get on the saddle to explore the outside world.

Bike – Yamaha T7

Wayne’s bike of choice for his adventures is the popular Yamaha Ténéré 700. This bike is in hot demand for it’s off-road bias but it’s ability to travel long miles. It has a service interval of 10,000 km, which is huge!

It uses a High-torque 689cc 4-stroke CP2 parallel-twin engine (the same engine as the Yamaha MT-07). Has 72 horsepower and can do 350 km+ on a single tank of fuel (16L).


The route is mostly off-road based. It might only have just a tiny 1km bit of tarmac. Get those knobby tires coated with lots of dirt combined with plenty of creek crossings towards the later quarter of the ride. Be prepared for a handful of different terrain and riding.

Difficulty: Moderate

I would set this ride as whole day out. Having the day for this one will leave you with plenty of time and take breaks and detours for exploring.


I’ve written about a ride that takes place on the second half of this route which was done on the same bike: Monsildale to Linville. If you’re considering a smaller ride, or want to know a little more take a look at that post.

I’m not certain on the exact route these guys took, but I tried to follow as much as I can. It looks like they took some detours off the main track, so if you’re looking for some action, go a little off the main route for some fun. It could be done as a day-trip out of Brisbane, make sure you plan to set enough time for the trail itself. For those further away make it a trip so that you have the most of the day for this route.

Kenilworth to Linville
More Details

You can download the route to a GPX, KML or GeoJSON file by clicking on details

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