Paddy’s flat to Tenterfield Adventure

This epic ride from Another Guy On A Bike takes us on a journey that will test your adventure ride skills. It has a few creek crossings and plenty of bush bashing. With the dry summer that’s approaching us, I think this will be a good journey for most riders to tackle. As the dry conditions may favour us with dryer creek beds and less muddy tracks, however it may result in most loose and sandy conditions. Bike – Suzuki DRZ-400 This popular dual sport motorcycle is more like a…

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The Best Cheap Soft Motorcycle Panniers – must buy!

I take these bags with me on every journey The Wild Heart Waterproof panniers are a bargain purchase. I’ve bought them back in September last year and use it often on my rides. It has a combined total of 50L which is more than enough capacity for your adventure rides. I try to pack light and carry only essentials if I can. I haven’t tried doing a multi-night camping trip, but I can’t see why I couldn’t with what I can carry with these. The material is strong and can…

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Massive Day Trip Adventure – Duck creek road & Geiger Road

YouTube channel Another Guy On A Bike takes us viewers on a must-do adventure ride around the lower south-east section of Queensland, Australia. I’ve tried to tackle some of these tracks with my KLR-650 but did not get very far, but I took the challenge. He shows us 2 popular roads that adventure riders like to part-take – Duck creek road and Geiger road. These are fun and exciting roads that tend to get tougher as times go by as they are no longer maintained. Every time a 4WD comes…

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Kenilworth to Linville – a must do adventure ride

The addictively obnoxious adventure rider Wayne Dowsent and his mates go on an exciting ride from Kenilworth to Linville. He post many exciting adventure rides like this one on his journeys around Australia posted on YouTube. His rides always spark me to find them and encourages me to get off my lazy arse and get on the saddle to explore the outside world. Bike – Yamaha T7 Wayne’s bike of choice for his adventures is the popular Yamaha Ténéré 700. This bike is in hot demand for it’s off-road bias…

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Kawasaki KLR 650 Gen 2 – My weapon of choice

The big thumper brings me a lot of joy and hate. The bike is slow, but pulls like a tractor. It’s heavy, but light when riding swiftly. I’ve gone a many adventures on this bike and it continues to keep thumping. I don’t treat it like it’s precious, I feel that it likes to be treated rough. It’s cheap, so why be scared to drop it, oh but yes, it’s heavy! I’ve had to pick up this bike many times that it feels like a gym workout. There’s so much…

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Moab’s Fins & Things – Exhilarating and exciting rocky adventure

Australian YouTuber, Curtis, found on OnTheBackWheel, is one of those no bullshit riders. He tackles hard routes and pushes bikes to his limits. In this video he takes us viewers on a ride through Fins and Things in Moab, Utah. The ride looks quite challenging and would want to be taken on a lightweight bike. Heavy bikes are bound to get dropped onto the hard rocky surfaces. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Bike – Kawasaki KLX250S The bike used in this video is a Kawasaki KLX250S. It’s a…

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A motorcycle journey across Bali’s exciting southern and northern landscapes

Freddie Dobbs - Royal Enfield Classic 500

One of my favourite motorcycle vloggers, Freddie Dobbs, under took a 4.5 hour long journey from the southern part of Bali up to the northern coast. The adventure took us viewers on an exciting ride through the various luscious green landscapes that Bali has to offer. Having been in Bali last year in August I missed out on taking up an exciting adventure such as this. As romantic as the adventure sounds, Freddie mentioned that the journey isn’t a short one. Whilst the ride is roughly less than 90km, the…

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Monsildale to Linville – Adventure riding at it’s finest

Adventure bike crossing creek

JoshJB posted this amazing ride north of Brisbane, Queensland. It highlights Louisavale road, a farming trail that connects Monsildale to Linville. It seems to contains a number of creek crossing that may gains some depth upon large amounts of rain, and some overgrown grassy roads. He tackles this route with a Yamaha Ténéré 700. The beast of a bike weighs 205kg and puts out 72 horsepower. If you’re a rider that’s traveling around on a mid-sized adventure bike, this trail is for you. Whilst bigger bikes (BMW 1200GS) can take…

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Fun quick & dirty adventure ride in Elimbah

Elimbah state forest

This is one of my favourite places to ride. Less than an hour north of Brisbane, Australia is a playground for the adventurer. Weekend traffic gets busy at 10am. So plan to go early! Conditions Elimbah state forest is generally flat. There’s no hill climbs or decent to be concerned about. The grounds vary between sandy terrain, clay and compact soil. To have the most fun I would use more off-road oriented tires. Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Whilst I mark this as easy – don’t feel that experienced riders won’t…

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