Fun quick & dirty adventure ride in Elimbah

This is one of my favourite places to ride. Less than an hour north of Brisbane, Australia is a playground for the adventurer.

Weekend traffic gets busy at 10am. So plan to go early!


Elimbah state forest is generally flat. There’s no hill climbs or decent to be concerned about. The grounds vary between sandy terrain, clay and compact soil. To have the most fun I would use more off-road oriented tires.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Whilst I mark this as easy – don’t feel that experienced riders won’t have fun. There’s a lot of variety in the route. From wet muddy sections to sandy whoops which are a lot of fun. Beginner riders can also avoid some wet sections and can be enjoyed at a slower pace.

Be careful of the mud. Super slippery and I also had a dip in one section where I ended up getting soaked. It’s all part of the adventure…


This is a good route for a quick ride or a bit of a play around in the dirt. I’ve made the route easy to be combined to other for a big day out. I’d say this would take an hour to complete. Experienced riders on light bikes will be able to get through a lot faster.

Elimbah trail ride
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You can download the route to a GPX, KML or GeoJSON file by clicking on details

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